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App redesign
Changing the logic
TA mixup
UX level up
Everdance app already existed when we joined it. You could download it from an App Store, open it... yeah, that was pretty much all it did
"The biggest issue was that people despised the app. They found it inscrutable."
Device: Iphone
Project objectives
The app originally
targeted a TikTok audience
Target audience
Obviously, if the end-user doesn't understand the app, immediate adjustments or a redesign are necessary
Hence, we practically started from scratch: after analysing the existing app logic, I began reconstructing it from the ground up
Conducted thorough research
Later, we drastically shifted our target audience, and once again, we made some adjustments to the UX.
Target audience
We created detailed prototypes for all the new screens, meticulously planning the structure. We seamlessly integrated new features into the app.
Revamped the application's UX
Revamped the app's UI, making it more intuitive and user-friendly
There was an old onboarding version, but the conversion rate was not satisfactory. It was evident that a revamp was needed. Here's the old version.
Let's go step by step. Onboarding
Before revamping the onboarding, we analyzed all the onboarding processes of our competitors. We took screenshots and identified common elements. Here are some of the screenshots.
To proceed with the redesign, we needed to analyze our competitors.
The team collectively decided to dedicate a substantial amount of time and testing to the onboarding process because a significant number of purchases occur here. Here are some screens from the process.
We increased the purchase rate with the new onboarding by 1.6 times.
At the top of the screen in the 'Classes' section, a slider featuring the top dancers in the app was created. Clicking on it would lead you to the star dancers' classes.
Selection of popular dancers.
Choosing the Vogue style (for example), the user enters a catalog with classes based on that style. They then select a class to view detailed information and the option to watch a video preview. If the user likes it, they begin the class,
The path to viewing a lesson in the selected style.
Assessment of the feature within the application.
It was crucial for us to determine the cause because there was a period when a significant percentage of users were dropping off. We implemented a survey like this one, which helped us identify and fix the issue.
We investigated the cause when the feature had to be abruptly turned off
This is the themed visual Pay Wall that went for an A/B test. By the way, emerged as the winner.
We made minimal interface changes for holidays, like Halloween.
Initially, there were old versions that yielded average results.
We also prepared images for Google Play and the App Store
By analyzing competitors and understanding the overall market structure, we promptly boosted our performance indicators
We doubled all performance metrics
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