Mobile/iWatch app for tourists
Research & logic
To create a convenient, modern-styled mobile application that provides all the functionalities for travelers.
The application had to be so comfortable and trustworthy that the user would confidently entrust their finances to it (allowing for transactions, etc.).
Project objectives
We conducted extensive research on the principles of building logical structures for such types of applications, analyzing the specifics of the chosen target audience
It was decided to create the application for the iOS platform, so it was necessary to adhere to the highest standards.
Starting with research
We approached the prototype creation with meticulous care, as in applications of this kind, everything must be measured with utmost precision. All decisions should serve usability
Creating a big picture
These are the colors of the sky, space. The color of emotional comfort. This color combination is typical for such types of applications and instills trust.
The base colors are black and white, with blue accents
The color palette aligned with the ideology
Very clear, friendly, comfortable, without surprises or bright novelties that deviate from the familiar consumer patterns.

Black and white versions of the app were created so that everyone could choose their preferred mode. The black version is also necessary for compatibility with Apple Watch.
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